The Best Champagne Cocktails

Champagne meets sweet childhood memories… look no further for Champagne cocktail inspo! We have found 5 of the yummiest, easy-to-make cocktails to take you back to those wonderful childhood memories with a touch of adult.  

The Candyfloss Cocktail

Start off with a handful of candyfloss in your glass. It is whimsical touch that will bring out your childlike side for 2 reasons: (1) candy floss just looks so bubbling adorable, and (2) when you pour Champagne over it, it will melt into the liquid, making for a really cool party trick and a fun Candy Floss Cocktail in one. You could also place a small cloud of candyfloss on top of the glass for a cute cloud-like effect. Either way is super cute!

A Champagne Sorbet Float

Put a scoop of fruity flavoured sorbet into a coup and pour the bubbly over it for extra fizz for a decidedly more adult version of a cream-soda float.

Rock Candy Kid Cocktail

Use rock candy skewers to add bright pops of colour and texture. The candy will eventually dissolve into the Champagne if you leave it in your glass, or you can actually consume the rock candy instead. Either way, super fun!

Rubies Cocktail

Place a handful of pomegranate arils in your flute. Nigella Lawson always calls them jewels, and for good reason: They look like tiny rubies, especially when they’re floating in a glass of Champagne. And when you catch one in your mouth, the burst of flavour will be a lovely surprise.

Champagne Freez-O

Pour Champagne over ice pops. You can either DIY the ice pops or buy them but either way this will be a super yummy cocktail. Place the pop into the flute and pour the Champagne over it. Gradually, the frozen treat will melt and turn the whole thing into a fruit-flavoured Champagne cocktail.

Complete your cocktail with these cute extra touches…
Rim your glass with pretty coloured sugar by wetting the rim with water or lemon and then rolling the rim in a pile of glittery sugar or crushed candy.
Add frozen grapes, cherries, or any frozen berries to keep your bubbly cool without diluting your glass of Champagne.