The Ultimate Champagne New Years Eve Party Trick

Picture Credit to Lia Griffith

Picture Credit to Lia Griffith

End the year off in style with this cool Champagne party hack. This trick will be the talking point at your party, and many parties to come.  

Get your guests to pimp their own fizz.

Set up a DIY Champagne Bar in your home so that guests can jazz up their own glasses of bubbly throughout the evening. This will not only save you money on providing a large range of alcohol, but it will stop your guests getting bored of drinking the same drink over and over again.

Set up a small flat dish with freshly squeezed lemon juice and another with an edible glitter and sugar mix. Before creating their unique cocktails, your guest can dip the rim of their glass into the lemon juice and then into the sugar mix for the extra sparkle.

Provide a selection of juices, cordials, and liqueurs, as well as a selection of different types of Champagne so that guests can switch up their drinks all night long.

Set out some ramekins pomegranate seeds. Guests can pop these jewels into their drinks for a touch of elegance.

Swop ice cubes out for frozen berries. Freeze berries and grapes instead of ice cubes, and when your guests ask for some ice, bring out the frozen fruit. The frozen fruit will keep your guests drinks chilled without diluting it as the fruit thaws. Not to mention that it just looks so darned cute in the glass.