Champagne Party Hacks

What is party without a little bubbly? Keep you bubbly fizz-tastic for your party by trying out these 3 simple and effortless Champagne hacks.

Chill a bottle of Champagne quickly.

Make a bath using ice, water and salt. Get the mixture up to the neck of the Champagne bottle and let the bottle sit in the bath for 20 minutes. The cool thing about this hack is that you can use it for any bottled drinks that you are serving at your party.

Revive mostly flat Champagne.

Add a raisin to the glass of bubbly. The raisin will move up and down, drawing in all the carbon dioxide in the liquid, then releasing it to make the bubbly carbonated again.

Keep an uncorked bottle of Champagne fizzy.

Slip a metal spoon into the mouth of the bottle, handle pointing into the bottle. Store in the fridge until the next time you want to enjoy some bubbly.