How to Pour Bubbly Perfectly

Firstly, make sure that you chill your bubbly for at least 20 minutes before opening it. The colder the bottle is, the less gas will be lost when the bubbly is poured.

You can cool your Champagne in the fridge (although you may find that if left too long, it will begin to taste like the other contents of your fridge!) For best results we recommend cooling Champagne in a bucket filled with a mixture of water and ice, to speed up the chilling process, we even say throw some rock salt in the bucket to reduce the temperature of the ice to below freezing, speeding up the chilling process.

Never leave champagne to chill in the freezer, we have seen more then one fine bottle explode in a freezer leaving a very expensive mess to clean up

There are 2 common methods of pouring bubbly, the traditional holding the glass and pouring the bubbly into it vertically so that it hits the bottom of the Champagne flute and creates a head of foam. This method results in oodles of gas being lost and ultimately diminishing the aromas of the bubbly.

Then we have the ‘beer-like way’, which is executed by tilting the glass and gently sliding in the Champagne into the flute. Pouring Champagne at a slant preserves more of the tiny gas bubbles that improve the flavour and aromas of Champagne, making this the best way to pour the perfect glass of bubbly.

The perfect glass of bubbly it's not entirely up to us, there is research currently underway where glassmakers are attempting to design the perfect shaped glass for serving bubbly. This research aims to find a glass design that perfectly controls the release of carbon dioxide and gas, and keeping the aromas and flavour of the bubbly. Now let’s hope that the glassmakers are successful because if there is glass out there, that we can get our hands on, that can make bubbly taste even better we are so in!