The Perfect Glass of Bubbles

Bubbly is fast becoming the number one drink of choice for many, and is just as common to drink as the favourite beer.  It can be enjoyed in many ways and for many reasons, but you always want to make sure you do it the proper way to make it that much more enjoyable.

There are a few ways to ensure that you always get the perfect glass of bubbles, follow these rules and your glass is sure to be fizzing all summer long!

Know the difference between a Sparkling Wine, an MCC and Champagne. 

This is very important as it determines the quality and taste of the bubbles. A sparkling wine is made locally and is created by injecting carbon dioxide into the wine to create the bubbles. This creates bubbles that are a bit bigger and they usually don’t last as long. An MCC is also made locally, but it is made using the same method as they do to make Champagne. This means finer bubbles with a much more delicate taste. And of course, Champagne is made in the Champagne region of France. To get the best bubbles locally, we recommend you always opt for a good quality MCC.


Always use the correct glass!

Have you ever noticed that line of bubbles making its way up to the top of the glass? This happens because champagne flutes have a small etching at the bottom of the glass. This is made to give the bubbles a point to congregate from, giving a clear path for them to reach the top of the glass.  The bubbles are what deliver the flavour so you must always make sure you can see the bubbles.


 Always keep it cold!

Bubbly tastes best when it is served cold so always ensure that you keep the bottle in the fridge for a few hours before serving. Once the bottle has been opened, put it on ice to keep it chilled.

Follow these three easy steps to guarantee you will always get the most of your bubbles!